2021 Grand Old 4th - Pandemic Edition


Since 1967, the Bainbridge Grand Old 4th has been one of our island’s annual highlights, and community togetherness has been its hallmark. On the 4th, islanders come together with thousands of visitors in and around Winslow to run, to dance, to eat, to drink, and to celebrate together. Close together.

July 4th on Bainbridge has traditionally been about excitedly packing in together elbow-to-elbow at the parade, in the beer garden, or the food-laden Street Fair. Packing in to see, hear and dance to live music with thousands of your closest pals, meeting old friends and making new ones…

Q: Can anyone spot the challenges of planning our usual kind of celebration in these pandemic times?
A: After much consultation and consideration, the best solution to the 2021 GO4 challenge lies within density control.


In the interests of health and safety, this is a year where a ‘normal’ 4th is not possible, and so we are proud to announce 2021’s Grand Old 4th: Pandemic Edition: An island-wide day out featuring a fun run, a parade, and a celebration both of of resilience and togetherness in the true spirit of the holiday, and the cooperative nature of the Chamber of Commerce.

Where the traditional Grand Old 4th begins with a run in Winslow, the 2021 Pandemic Edition offers flexible timing and island-wide locations to run.

Where the regular Grand Old 4th Parade is about a short parade in Winslow, the 2021 Pandemic Edition is about an island-wide parade.

Where the normal Grand Old 4th Meal is packed into and around Waterfront Park, the 2021 Pandemic edition is about an island-wide picnic, as a celebration of being together, yet safely distanced.

Please note that this is a special kind of Grand Old 4th, intended as a one-off 2021 celebration, with every intention (and hope) of packing back into downtown Winslow for 2022!



For more details, please head to: https://bainbridgechamber.com/2021-grand-old-4th-pandemic-edition/

And check back here at grandold4th.com for updates…