Our goal is to make this event as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Our recycling and composting efforts have reduced our landfill waste by 75% over the past four years.

The Zero Waste volunteers are available to help festival attendees.  Watch for recycling stations throughout the festival.

Vendors please follow these guidelines:

Food Vendors: Our compost facility processor does not accept compostable plastic products. Here are the guidelines for this year’s festival:

Cold Cups
1) Recyclable #1 or #5 plastic clear cups (NO #6 cups)      OR

2) Compostable paper* cups

*Compostable paper means it MUST be on the Cedar Grove list of acceptable paper products: http://www.cedar-grove.com/index.php/accepted-list.  (No compostable plastic – our compost facility does not accept it.)

Hot Cups
Compostable paper

Tableware – Compostable paper* plates, bowls, deli paper and portion cups.  No compostable plastic.(Note: Portion cups are not recyclable in our system; please use paper ones or dispense condiments in bulk.  Also, please avoid foil – our hauler does not recycle it.)
Lids – Whatever you want, since they will be trashed. (Please use minimally.)
Straws – Paper ones encouraged and will be composted; any type plastic will be landfilled.
Utensils – Wooden ones encouraged and will be composted; any type plastic will be landfilled.

Please contact bizerowaste@sustainablebainbridge.org with any questions pertaining to food and drink tableware.

More vendor recycling and compostable tableware information

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